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We always order from here. Today's order was terrible, the bbq sauce tasted off. Salt and chilli chicken was just pure salt nothing else. The chicken balls were pink still and the curry sauce was extremely runny and watered down. Very disappointed with the food! Will not be ordering from here again!

Luke, 14 Jan 2021

  Reply : Hi Luke, thanks for your support to us , unfortunately, I m so sorry for your bad experience with us. May I please know when you make that order so I can trace back. We will always do whatever we can to improve our food quality and service. many thanks.

Great food great service great portions great large curries I suppose you could say, GREAT.

Anthony, 01 Jan 2021

  Reply : Hi Anthony, many thanks for your support to fountain house. We will always try our best to serve you . Happy New year to you and family.

6 mins off 2 hours and nothing still, cant get through on phone

Miss, 31 Dec 2020

Ordered on line. WAITED for delivery for 2 hours. Tried phoning to see what was going on. No answer on the phone. No idea about getting a refund for order. Very poor service.

Mike, 24 Dec 2020

Waited over a hour and a half for food to be delivered. Tried to call to see what was happening with the order and got no answer from them.

Mike , 24 Dec 2020

We love fountain house and regularly order from here. Tonight we ordered chicken and sweetcorn soup as normal but there seemed to be some kind of fish in the soup. It looked like crab sticks. I was unable to eat this which was disappointing.

Michelle White, 19 Dec 2020

Used for years and always excellent

Stuart, 12 Dec 2020

Excellent food

Neil, 12 Dec 2020

Speedy delivery, food hot, and very tasty

Stephen, 18 Nov 2020

  Reply : Hi Stephen, many thanks to your support. Hope to see you soon.

Lovely food and very fast delivery

Mr, 08 Nov 2020

i ordered food at 6pm and it still hasn't turned up. I have tried numerous times to get through on the phone and it's just ringing busy. My money has gone from the bank and I'd just like our food please

Dawn, 31 Oct 2020

We have not received our order 1 hour after ordering.

Cath Aston, 31 Oct 2020

Placed an order over an hour ago which was accepted and confirmed via email, now when I come to the website to track my order it says they are closed and the phone number is permanently engaged! What do I do now then?! What kind of customer service is this?!

Alex, 31 Oct 2020

Hi. I was disappointed with our delivery today as I had asked for chicken toast as free dish instead of spring rolls. Previously the gentleman I spoke to said if I asked you could change this for us as we simply throw the spring rolls away. Today we received veg rolls and soggy onions... unfortunately both in the bin. It is nice to get something free but not if you just throw it away! Sue 07841236358. Thank You

Sue, 23 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi Sue, Sorry for your bad experience with us today. Unfortunately , we has been change to free mini vegetable spring roll since April until now instead of chicken toast. As well we do more offer and free item then before. Yes we do promise to change anything we can but not with the FREE ITEM,such like if you don't like beef in black bean sauce in set menu A . Please let us know we will change any other for customers. Once again Many thanks to your support and hope to see you soon .

Always order from fountain house. Amazing thank you

Joan, 17 Oct 2020

Do you not think drivers should wear masks when delivering to customer door? And not ask customers are they scared of them as they stood back from delivery driver

Darren, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi Darren, Thanks for your suggestions. We will ask the driver to put on the mask. As well as you know that we do have leave the food at door step and ring the bell system. Please do pay online . Many thanks.

one bag of chips were missing.

Craig, 16 Oct 2020

Very nice food

Gemma, 03 Oct 2020

Food is always good and speedy delivery

Kyle, 27 Sep 2020

lovely food always and very fresh , but I do miss the free toast we used to have on certain quiet nights. Perhaps you could just do x4 pieces free occasionally. Thank you

Steve, 25 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi Steve , Thanks for your review and support. We still do spring roll for free but we actually do more to thanks to all customers like discount , loyalty points and promotions code. Once again many thanks. Fountain house

Hi. I just wanted to say that I have ordered from you many times in the past and often regard you as one of the best Chinese food places around Stafford. Tonight I have been so disappointed. I ordered a chicken satay and without even opening the box the smell of fish was so strong. I opened the lid and felt confused but thought maybe I’m imagining it. I then ate the food and it felt like I was eating a fish dish. I don’t eat and never have eaten fish. The smell of it makes me feel ill and I have never experienced this before with this meal despite it being the food I order each and every time. I don’t know whether you are using a new recipe or just were a bit too heavy handed with some fish sauce but I wanted to let you know I couldn’t eat this at all. I had one mouthful and had to spit it back out. As this is the only meal I really enjoy at a Chinese, I will no longer be ordering from you which is a real shame. I hope you will rethink the recipe in the future!

Amy-Rose, 19 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi AMY, Sorry for your bad experience with us. Thanks for your review or suggestions. We have no idea why you feel fishy taste in chicken satay sauce we don't use fish or any ingredients contains fish for satay sauce.We didn't do any fish dish in our menu at all.We will keep improve our dish to make it better for customer. Many thanks. Fountain house

Love it

Jay, 19 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi Jay, Trust you well. Many thanks to your support and review. We will keep our promise to keep up our standard to serve you more enjoying. Promotion code are sending to your phone by SMS. Once again many thanks to you. Fountain house


Singapore fried rice was really greasy and I had prawns in it when I asked for them not to be put in. I put it in the bin. normally the food is good but today it wasn't.

Steven, 19 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi Steven, sorry for your bad experience with us. I m so sorry. Please do remind me on your next order at the comments.I will replace a portion for you. Many thanks and hope to see you soon.

Fast delivery , good food .

Mr, 18 Sep 2020


KATY, 14 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi Katy, trust you well. Many thanks for your review and support. We will always keep our promise to serve the best food and the service. Once again many thanks to you.

Great service

Elizabeth, 05 Sep 2020